Open Doors Initiative Podcast Series – the Future of Work

With a toolkit that aims to help workers upskill during the Covid-19 crisis
Open Doors Initiative Podcast Series – the Future of Work
Open Doors Releases New Podcast Series

The Open Doors Initiative has released a second podcast series which talks to three very different experts on the Future of Work and what they see coming. The podcasts are available on the links below, while the toolkit and many other resources are available on the Open Doors Initiative website.

This podcast series develops on the recent broadcasts featured on this site and tries to anticipate what the future holds for workers, employers and all associated with the world of work or wanting to enter it.

They examine the right of marginalised employees, what far reaching changes are being made at speed and what repercussions and benefits these will have for all employees, both long and short term.

Jeanne McDonagh, CEO of the Open Doors Initiative said: “The impact of the last few months cannot be underestimated. It presents challenges and opportunities for all seeking work in the future. We continue to work with Government, organisations and NGOs to try and help marginalised people into quality work and ensure that they are not left behind.  

“We are proud that so many businesses and organisations, including our members, are adapting at speed to help all employees work through these difficult times. We really encourage companies to put these new skills to work as Covid-19 is contained and utilise them to make more employment for the people we work with.”

Thanks to our sponsors Positive2Work Skillsnet who have helped us to create this series.

Episode 1

Esther Lynch, Deputy General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).
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Episode 2

Maeve McElwee, Director of Employer Relations, Ibec
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Episode 3

Jim Harris, Author, Politician, Disruptive Innovator
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Alongside the podcasts the online toolkit outlines essential soft skills that people may need for the world of work and details for further learning.


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