The Pledge

We, as corporate citizens, undertake to provide opportunities into the workplace including: training, placements, apprenticeships, community supports and employment opportunities for those people most in need in Irish society.

We will work to meet their needs in a respectful and co-operative way and aim to see them in purposeful engagement where possible.

We will engage in education and advocacy at a national and EU level on the adoption of innovative practices and policies that will remove barriers to employment.

We will be a responsible employer by adhering to the following principles:

  • Defined quality standards with measurable outcomes;
  • A national approach;
  • A clear plan to foster diversity, inclusion and social mobility;
  • A fair wage for all employees;
  • Paths to drive upward mobility within our organisations.

We will actively participate in sharing and learning across the network, including forums.

We will share and promote our membership and act as an ambassador to other employers: Employers will cascade their commitment via their supply chains and business networks, to create a multiplier effect encompassing employers, big and small, across Ireland.

Each of our founding members, and those that join us, sign this pledge.