Advice for Applying for Jobs

  • Candidates should tailor their CV for the role they are applying for.  In order for a CV to stand out, it needs to highlight that the skills and experience required for the role. Having one standard CV that you are submitting for all roles will not make the CV stand out.
  • Submitting a cover letter with your CV is useful also.  The covering letter should outline why the candidate feels they have the necessary skillset for the role.
  • If a candidate is called for an interview, the candidate should do the following:
    • From the job description of the role, have a clear understanding of what the role entails and visualise what a typical day might look like in the role.  This can be explored in greater detail by the candidate at interview
    • Always research the company and the business unit/corporate function that the role sits in
    • Show some personality at the interview. The interviewer is trying to get a feel for the person in order for them to see if you would be a good fit for the company and team
    • Always ask some questions at the end of the interview – have these prepared in advance
    • Don’t read off your screen or notes during the interview and try not to sound too scripted
    • If you are applying for a role through Open Doors Initiative, please flag this in your email/cover letter
    • Be yourself and best of luck with the process!
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