Becoming an Active LGBTQIA+ Ally

Allyship is an important part of building inclusion, and is something that should be encouraged within organisations. Open Doors have put together the following short guide on how to be an active LGBTQIA+ ally, in the workplace and in our daily lives.

Download the guide here.

We have also compiled a list of additional resources for increasing awareness and education around the LGBTQIA+ community in Ireland.


Outhouse is dedicated to supporting the people, spaces and issues important to the LGBTQ+ communities. It aims for a future where LGBTQ+ individuals are safe, seen and celebrated through connections, community support, culture and campaigns. 

The organisation promotes trust, respect, joy and inclusivity among the community as well as allies and seeks a genuine positive impact upon society. 

For example, the Outhouse Café provides a safe and comfortable space which often exhibits LGBTQ+ artists’ work and helps support the LGBTQ+ community. Outhouse also develops pathways to employment through the Community Employment and Community Service programmes. Outhouse includes a comprehensive library with over 4000 books relating to homosexuality in general, including transgender, gay, lesbian, and bisexual topics, it is a great place to seek further information in an informal and welcoming setting. 

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Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre, 105 Capel Street, Dublin 1, D01 R290 

(01) 873 4999 


LGBT Ireland 

LGBT Ireland is a national support service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and their families and friends. It provides a comprehensive range of services which provide support and information on issues relating to sexuality and gender identity.  

The service provides telephone helplines across the country. It has established a peer support service to provide monthly emotional and practical support to each other and delivers LGBT awareness trainings to other services and community groups to enhance the support received by LGBTQ+ members. There are lots of support and social organisations all across Ireland - for more details see here.

For example, LGBT Ireland provides information on topics such as coming out, family and friends of members of the community, dealing with harassment and violence, mental health, parenting, sexual health for LGBTQ+ people, Trans people and gender expression, LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and more. 

Learn more.

01 685 9280 (leave a message so they can follow-up with you) 



Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) 

TENI is a non-profit member-driven organisation which offers a range of support services that aim to increase the well-being of trans people and their families by providing support that mitigates common experiences of isolation, misunderstanding and exclusion. 

TENI’s mission is to advance the rights and equality and improve the lives of trans people and their families, aiming for a world where all people, regardless of gender identity or expression, will enjoy full acceptance, equality and human rights. 

The organisation engages in activities around healthcare, employment, education and legislation. It advocates across legal, medical, societal and political structures to ensure that policy development and legislative reforms reflects the positive recognition of trans inclusion, rights and equality. 

For example, TENI provides workshops and trainings to increase awareness, understanding and inclusion in key sectors of Irish Society. It also offers support through support lines such as the Gender Identity Family Support line. 

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10 Ellis Quay Arran Quay Dublin Ireland 

+353 (0)1 873 3575 



BeLonG To LGBTQ+ Youth Ireland 

BeLonG To’s mission is to support LGBTQ+ young people as equals to achieve their vision of a world where LGBTQ+ young people are equal, safe and valued. It promotes human rights, social justice, solidarity and intersectionality through youth work, changing attitudes, and research.  

For example, BeLonG To provides advice on matters such as mental health, physical wellbeing, coming out, bullying and understanding transgender. It also sets up youth groups, counselling services, sexual health courses, an informative drug and alcohol service and created a week-long awareness week called Stand Up for second level schools.  

The platform also offers information for parents, carers as well as professionals through specialised LGBTI+ trainings and empowering youth workers to set up their own LGBTQ+ youth group all around Ireland. 

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Parliament House, 13 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, D02 P658, Ireland 

01 670 6223 



Gay Community News (GCN)  

The National LGBT Federation (NFX) created Ireland’s longest-running national monthly publication for LGBTQ+ community.  

The remit of the Gay Community News is to give its readers access to a greater sense of a community, to educate and inform them about political issues relevant to their lives, to disseminate information about LBGT rights, to celebrate and support Irish LGBTQ+ culture, and to entertain, all free of charge. 

For example, its latest publication is dedicated to the many queer milestones - 50 years of LGBTQ+ activism in Ireland, the 35th birthday of GCN and 30 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Ireland.  

Topics vary from entertainment, lifestyle, interviews to current issues faced by the community. Some video content is also available as well as a podcast.  

Learn More about GCNLearn more about NFX.

GCN, The Skylab, 2 Exchange St Upper, Dublin 8 

+353 (0)1 675 5025 



LINC (Cork)

For over twenty years, Lesbian and Bisexual women in Cork have been providing support services for others in our community and have been active in promoting equality for Lesbian and Bisexual women (Trans & Non-binary inclusive). This culminated in the foundation of LINC, an organisation committed to informing and impacting upon social inclusion policy and practice and providing peer support services to all in our community.

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LINC, 11A White St, Cork

(021) 480 8600


Gay Project (Cork)

The mission of the Gay Project as per the Constitution is to ensure that gay, bisexual, men who have sex with men (MSM), trans and queer men are enabled to participate fully in Ireland’s social, economic, cultural, political and artistic life.

Learn More.

South Parish Community Centre

Sawmill Street, Ballintemple, Cork 

T12 CX32

021 430 0430

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