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Keeping Home and Hope Alive – Barialai Khoshhal Photo Exhibition

From Friday August 12th, a new exhibition will open at Photo Museum Ireland featuring the work of Barialai Khoshhal, an Afghan refugee living in Ireland since October 2021. This exhibition marks the beginning of his Artist Residency at Photo Museum Ireland, supported by the Open Doors Initiative. Barialai is building a series of works for a large-scale exhibition in the coming year. The project is focusing on Afghans now living in Ireland; to capture their experiences here and how they keep home and hope alive in another country while adapting to new ways and integrating into Irish life.
Barialai has extensive experience in photo documentary, news photography and videography. He has worked for Nai (Afghanistan Open Media Organization) in Kandahar as a trainer & meeting organizer, ADPRO (Afghanistan Development Peace and Research Organization), Associated Press, BBC Afghanistan Media Action, ITV London, Aljazeera English and The Diplomat Magazine. He has had Photo Exhibitions in Kabul, France, Toronto, Tehran, Jakarta, Stockholm and Washington DC. He also won a photo competition held by UNESCO in Afghanistan in 2017. Since arriving in Ireland, he has worked at Publicis Creative Agency Dublin, the Dublin Inquirer, and is a member of Scoop - a creative Refugee initiative in Ireland. He has been awarded a Research Grant from Create – the Arts Council in May. Barialai will continue to work with Photo Museum Ireland as part of his Artist-in-Residency and is mentored by curator Brendan Maher.
Photo Museum Ireland is located at Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. For more information about Barialai, please click here.

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