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Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change Launch of Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

Are you looking for practical, evidenced-based methods of implementing inclusive recruitment strategies in your organisation? The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change launched their new Inclusive Recruitment toolkit on Wednesday, 9th November, including an introduction to the topic and the comprehensive training course developed for leaders in business. In creating this toolkit, which is supported by AIB, research was carried out in partnership with Atlantic Technological University (ATU) to understand the specific barriers for people from marginalised communities when seeking employment and the best strategies for becoming truly inclusive in the hiring process.

Download the Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit here.

Jeanne McDonagh, CEO of The Open Doors Initiative said: “We are delighted to work with Employers for Change, one of our key supported programmes, along with Atlantic Technological University, to produce this Inclusive Recruitment booklet and training. Many of our companies have asked for guidance in this space and it is a much needed resource to ensure an inclusive workplace. We wish to thank the participants who gave us their expert knowledge and experience in putting this together and look forward to engaging with companies in this important training.”    

Louise Kearins, Higher Education For All Project Manager at ATU, explains the development of the research: “An Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit was created to support Irish employers to be inclusive from the first stage of their recruitment process. The Toolkit draws on findings from research with people from a range of backgrounds who have experienced barriers seeking employment in Ireland to inform understanding of how recruitment processes could be improved. Findings from this work provide rich insights into various challenges experienced at each stage of the recruitment process and present positive ways to address these issues.”

She added: “The scope of the Toolkit is broad, engaging with the experiences of people with disabilities, neurodiverse people, people of colour, migrants, Travellers and Roma, LGBTQI+ people, both men and women, and younger or older people. Links to resources which provide more specialised advice are provided.”

The toolkit is supported by AIB the launch and was held in their offices on Molesworth Street in Dublin 2. Deputy CPO of AIB, David McCormack, said: “Reaching diverse talent and supporting inclusive recruitment is part of our overall people strategy, and I&D agenda, at AIB. For this reason, we will be using the toolkit ourselves as we work to ensure that inclusion is a universal experience for everyone.”

Download the Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit here.

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