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Discover how National Learning Network can help your business access motivated job seekers and grow a diverse workforce

National Learning Network works with more than 3,000 employers across Ireland to provide work experience, training & learning opportunities.

We are the largest provider of training and education for people who have suffered a setback in life, who may be long-term unemployed, have a disability or who have experienced mental health issues.

Through specialised Employer-Based Training (EBT) programmes we deliver the necessary skills to both students and employers to ensure your business will have access to people actively seeking employment, match your employment requirements with suitable job seekers and receive a service to match your business requirements.

For Aigars Suhanovs becoming a student on EBT course opened the door to a new career.

Aigars said:

“Prior to NLN I had experienced difficulties securing meaningful employment. Employers wanted to employ people with experience, but how could I get experience unless somebody gave me an opportunity?

The course coordinator approached King and Moffatt Building Services who agreed to provide a work placement for me. King and Moffatt have been in business for 40 years, operating throughout Ireland and Britain, with an annual turnover in the region of €40 million. I spent a year on a work placement there. The continuous support from them, work colleagues and course coordinator allowed me to settle in very well. In July 2018 I was offered a position as a pre-contract administrator with the company.”

We are always looking for placement partnerships. The many benefits include: access to motivated job seekers whose admin and insurance costs are managed by NLN; awareness training provided to you and your staff; chance to grow a diverse workforce; enhancing your reputation as a socially responsible employer.

If you would like more information about partnering with NLN please contact:

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