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Open Doors Announce Partnership with LIFT Ireland

This will bring new leadership skills and experience to our members and participants.

LIFT IrelandLIFT – Leading Ireland’s Future Together - is a platform to improve the quality of leadership in Ireland - from the kitchen table to the classroom, clubhouse and board room, through a focus on leadership attributes, character & values.  

Each of us is a potential leader; whether that is within our family, community, sports team, or an organisation. LIFT believes that by developing personal leadership qualities and abilities within each individual, we can develop a nation of stronger better leaders.

Our vision is to make Ireland a better place to live by creating better leaders across society. Our aim is to that by 2028 (LIFT’s 10th anniversary), more than 10% of the Irish population will have engaged with LIFT.

LIFT is now running all of its leadership sessions online for free to benefit as many people as possible during these challenging times.

Learn more and book.

Aine Corneally, Business Lead, Bank of Ireland:

"We found LIFT really effective, simple and of huge value for us as individuals in terms of how we treat ourselves, how we behave and how we behave both within the organisation and in your home life, in your sporting life, in the clubs and with the people you deal with and interact with on a daily basis. It equipped us with skills from just listening better to actually thinking better to treating people better. So when we stood back we said we've found it hugely beneficial, there's some people on the roundtables also found it really beneficial in that it was self reflection, a self challenge, non-judgemental and it was all about how you want to be."
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